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Photo: Laura Criollo Carillo

You can help us: your contributions support Eastern Bloc's community & activities!

Eastern Bloc is celebrating 10 years supporting emerging media artists in Montreal! Since 2007, Eastern Bloc has attentively investigated the themes and technologies emerging artists engage with, and we have shared their curiosity and constant state of experimentation with digital technologies.

Through exhibitions, workshops, and other events such as Data Salon, Eastern Bloc has supported projects that other more-established artists-run centres cannot present because of their state of “emergency.” This capacity to adapt to changes in art-making and the strong desire to support artists “emerging” within the margins of Montreal’s media art scene is Eastern Bloc’s strength.

In 2018 we are asking your support to continue our mission. By making a donation to Eastern Bloc, you:

  • offer emerging artists an opportunity to showcase their work in a professional environment and increase their visibility and networking opportunities
  • support projects that will make you see the unseen, hear the unheard and experienced the indescribable!  

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We Support:

Conceptual, subversive, risky, funny, and critical points of views situated at the intersection of art, science and technology.

We Program:

Exhibitions, workshops, artistic residencies, performances, Data Salon, and experimental interventions in our gallery or in the public space.

We Explore:

A variety of topics, such as the future, privacy, surveillance, socio-political and environmental issues, the dead web, postcolonial, feminist, and queer methods & theories.

We Showcase:

Installations and interactive pieces, game art, performances, radio art, web art, bio-art, sound art, video art, augmented and virtual reality, 2D and 3D animation, video mapping and live coding projects, public interventions and community-based projects online and offline.

Eastern Bloc's accomplishments, our community: 

  • 10 years activities
  • Près de 1000 artistes et créateur-rice-s de la relève supporté-e-s
  • 85 workshops
  • 15 exhibitions
  • 30 Data : Salon
  • 9 editions of the Sight & Sound Festival
  • 1 600 visitors to our Festival
  • 19 artists in residency
  • 75 special events & collaborations
  • 23 345 website visitors per year
  • 5 236 Facebook followers
  • 2 369 Twitter followers  
  • 1 755 Instagram followers
  • 60-70 members per year
  • 5 employees
  • Over 30 trainees and volunteers per year
  • Since 2007, we have supported more than 1000 emerging artists!!!

By making a donation to Eastern Bloc you support a vibrant community of emerging artists who enjoy sharing ideas & knowledge. 

Eastern Bloc sincerely thank you for your support!


Click here to make a safe donation to Eastern Bloc

Make a donation