Eastern Bloc

Workshops 2015-2016

Advanced Eurorack DIY: Build a Mutable-Instruments Braids Macro-Oscillator

Workshop given by Ismail Negm
3 September 2016, 10am - 6pm
Fee: $350 regular / $275 reduced
To reserve your place, please email lab@easternbloc.ca

MUTABLE-INSTRUMENTS releases both open hardware and source for its modules with the intention of encouraging collaboration and contributions from the hardware and software hacker community. This advanced workshop is aimed at introducing this platform to both kinds of hackers (and artists and makers alike) through the building of a Braids Macro-Oscillator.

The workshop will cover the following topics:
- Cloning the github repository
- Going from Eagle CAD files to PCB order
- Sourcing and ordering all the components

Participants will be using solder paste, stencil, and a skillet to solder the surface mount components, which is a valuable take away skill, being much cleaner than hand soldering and requiring no special equipment. Participants will also learn how to clean the shorts, using flux and a soldering iron. Once the board is populated, participants will compile and upload the bootloader and firmware to the MCU using Gillet’s development environment and a FTDI connector.

Then, with some luck and hard work, participants will build their own Braids module. However, please note, that due to the complexity of the material covered in this workshop, Eastern Bloc cannot guarantee that each participant will complete the course with a functioning Braids.

The workshop fees include:
- Braids PCB
- All the components needed to build it
- Custom Murdered Out Magpie Modular front-panel designed by instructor Ismail Negm

Participants will need to bring a good pair of tweezers like these (if you don't have a pair of tweezers like those mentioned, they can be provided if participants register at least three weeks in advance and place a request).

Please note that the level of this workshop is advanced. Contact lab@easternbloc.ca to discuss your level of expertise if uncertain. It is also important to note that Mutable Instruments offers absolutely no support for DIY builds of their modules.