Eastern Bloc

Data : Salon 2015 - 2016

23 March 2016
7pm - 10pm


On March 23, 2012 BATS (Better Alternative Trading System) released a sell algorithm listing its own stocks for sale. The initial price at 11:14:18.436ms was $15.25, but rapidly dropped to $0.0002 in 1.25 seconds, causing trading to halt due to the dramatic loss of value. BATS_2012-03-23, by Naomi Cook, is a six minute hand-drawn video mapping the drop in value of this stock. An object based on a crumpled american dollar bill moves down the vertical axis and along the horizontal axis, and compresses or expands - all representing price, time, and value of the stock. Each second of the video shows three milliseconds of the original stock data.


Forty Nine is a project by Samuel Cousin about identity and communication: in 2014, a telecom corporation issued him the former phone number of a high-flying, mysterious doctor. Their identities fused: for a year, whenever the opportunity arose, Cousin pretended to be the doctor. “49” is the sum of these interactions to date. As a work in progress, “49” will take the form of an informal presentation of the on-going research and willaddress the challenge in formalising a performative project such as this one.


28 October 2015
7pm - 10pm


W.U.R.M. : Escape from a Dying Star, presented by Peter Van Haaften, is a 2-player immersive space survival game. Humanity has persisted through millennia on solar collection techniques and atomic reconfiguration technology, but none of this can protect us from the collapse of our only viable power source: the Sun. In W.U.R.M., every remaining planetary body in our solar system has been mined to construct an inter-galactic relay pod for each citizen alive today. While not perfect, nor entirely safe, it is the only way yet known to escape the impending supernova. Using wearable electronics and a generative audiovisual system, players must successfully communicate via radio to correct imbalances in the ship’s navigational systems and reach Gliese 581-c: humanity's new home, just 20 light years from Earth. Projection mapping, a life-size foam spaceship with cockpit controls, a transducer-activated pilot seat to simulate wormhole turbulence, algorithmic music, generative visuals and real-time cooperative player communication combine to realize the familiar childhood dream of space travel. Developed in collaboration with Mónica Rikić, Jessica Blanchet, Grayson Earle, and Dawn Hang Yue Wong


Puntito Machine, by Pipo Pierre-Louis, is an audiovisual performance that explores the behavior of the individual in society. Using a digitally-enhanced machine that evokes an industrial device, PIPO aims, in a poetic metaphor, to render perceptible a subject that remains a priori hardly comprehensible. The work exploits the forms and symbols that refer to our individuality and interactions. Light and shadows cast from the machine, electroacoustic sounds controlled in real time oscillate from the personal to the collective, the internal to the peripheral, the singular to the plural, via geometric aesthetic and symbolic motifs, repetitive and circular. The introspective dimension of the subject is also being challenged in the heart of the piece, as opposed to the existence of the individual in society.